Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love is in the air!

Well, maybe not love, but Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away. I finally finished a few projects that I have been working on. Thought I would share them with you...all 2 of you who probably read this ;)

Cupcake Liner Wreath

Foam Hearts I found in the dollar section at Target. Just hot glued them to dowel rods

Valentine's Day Subway Art that I found in blog land
Still waiting for the hubby to spray paint the frame white for me

Conversation Heart Topiary inspired from Mine for the Making

Here is a project I am working on for Carson, No Sew Blanket:

Cutting the fringe

Tie the 2 pieces together (like you would a balloon)

Looks super cute so far doesnt it???

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After Christmas Craft

Who doesnt love crafting??? Who doesnt love a good deal??? Who doesnt love CRAFTING and a GOOD DEAL all in one???
I cant take all the credit for this project. A friend of mine, Megan, posted pictures on Facebook of the wreath that she made before Christmas and I just LOVED how it turned out. I made our Winter wreath about 4 years ago and I knew it was time for a new one. I could not wait to try and make a similar wreath to Megan's but I knew I was going to wait until after Christmas so I could take full advantage of the 50% off sales.

Here is my inspiration, Megan's ornament wreath:

Megan used a wire hanger as her form. She added a bow she made with ribbon to cover the hook.

I did not have a wire hanger, but did have a wood wreath that I picked up at the dollar store in the fall to make a fall wreath but never did. The day after Christmas I went to Target to check out the sales. Since this was the first time making this wreath I wasnt sure how it would turn out so I didn't want to spend a ton of money on the ornaments. I knew I wanted to do red and silver and found the perfect ones IN THE DOLLAR SECTION!!! Yes, the dollar section and they were 50% off!!! I bought 3 tubes of each color for a total of $3 on the ornaments. I couldnt wait to get home and start crafting. (I actually went back and bought 1 more tube of each color a few days later in case I needed more and they were only $ .25 a tube!)
I covered the wreath with silver ribbon (that I have had in my Christmas stuff for the past 4 years). Then I basically just started gluing the ornaments in place. There was no real science to it. I am a perfectionist and wanted it to be perfect but there were several times I just gave in and put them where ever they would fit. I realized that I needed smaller ornaments to fill in spaces and to break it up a little. Good thing I have TONS of little ornaments that I put in vases. I just grabbed my silver, red and frosted clear ones and went back to work.
I am really happy with how it turned out, although there are several spots that bother me. Maybe I will get inspired again and add a few more ornaments before hanging it up next Christmas.
Here is my finished product:

What do you think??? I still have to add a ribbon at the top but I will deal with that in December :)