Friday, June 10, 2011

Big Changes!

Well, its official... The Szymanski Family is moving out of the house Greg and I built and moved into 1 month after we got married and moving 2000 miles east to Maryland. This decision was not the easiest to make. We have been thinking about moving since last spring but couldnt bring ourselves to do it last summer. Over the past year we were still weighing our options and we realized that if we dont do it now, we may never do it. If you know me, then you know that I do not do well with change... especially big changes. I used to think that I had my life mapped out (at least for the next 10 years), but last year I learned that life does not always happen how you want or expect it to.
It was really hard for us (me) to set a moving date and finally buy the plane tickets and reserve the moving truck because we have a life and a routine here. Friends, family, church, jobs, daycare (all you moms out there know how hard it is to find one you love and trust), doctors, favorite restaurants (oh how i will miss Pita Jungle) and so much more.
I have the most wonderful friends. We all met in 2005 when we started teaching school and now 6 years later we are closer then ever. We have been through so much: school, graduation, weddings, moves, jobs and babies.
Also I had a job I loved at an amazing school with amazing people. It was really hard telling my principal that I would not be returning and cleaning out my classroom is not fun. SO much stuff!!!
Greg has a few leads for jobs and I am crossing my fingers for a teaching job.

I am ready for this new adventure and I know everything will work out (in time). I am learning that I can not plan everything and I just need to take it one day at a time. I have family and friends back in Maryland who I know will support us and help us as much as they can.

I am really going to miss my friends and family here in Arizona, but I am really excited to be back with my family and friends in Maryland. As of June 28th at 10pm I will be a resident of Maryland again!!!!